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Our story

Surrounded by dogs since birth, I have loved these special companions for as long as I can remember. While my parents started breeding Westies and English Setters under kennel name Isarudy, I was more and more interested in animals and dogs.

While I was reading some websites, books and canine encyclopedias, a beautiful and bewitching glance caught my attention.
It was like an echo to something that always been in my heart, reminding me the fascination with the portrait of a husky in snow there was in the kitchen of my grandparents, my adoration for the movie "Balto" and my childhood drawings where dogs were pulling Santa's sleigh instead of reindeers...

Then I never stopped looking for information about the breed and I fell in love with Siberian Huskies a little more each day.

So of course I started dreaming of having my own Siberian but I was very young and my parents were not agree at first because we already had several dogs at home.

Finally, almost 2 years later, they did the best gift and best surprise they could do for my 13th birthday - bringing me to Siberian Husky kennels in the South-West of France. Among the puppies, I chose a grey and white male with "glasses" and named him Falko.

With him began many new adventures : beautiful walks and hikes, countless moments of sharing and complicity, agility, mushing sports and first dog shows...

Breeding Siberians already sounded obvious for me. I wanted to spend every day of my life with dogs and going to dog shows and races all over the country and more again!
I patiently waited the end of my studies to welcome my second dog.

Meanwhile, my mother left her job to make breeding dogs her only profession.
She welcomed a siberian husky bitch, then kept a female from her first litter, then welcomed a male from another kennel...
Well, I think I gave her huskies addiction! 

So the adventure continued with a small pack of Siberians, which I take care of as mine. They taught me so much, always taking me further, discovering beautiful places, in France and abroad, meeting special people and awesome other dogs...

In 2015, I get my diploma and after a long wait and a lot of time spend studying bloodlines, this was finally a very kind baby called Meïka who joined our team.
She is out of two multi champions, having proven their qualities both on the rings and in sled races, in France and Europe...  I can say a thousand thanks once again to Cindy and Sebastien for their trust.

At the end of 2017, I got my kennel name,"Nookilik's", registered to the FCI and the SCC. A new chapter of the story started and that's just the beginning.

Nookilik is derived from the Inuit name "Nukilik" which means "strong". What a nice word to represent the siberian husky, which does not show better physical and mental strength than in front of a sled in extreme weather conditions...
Also, my dogs have changed my life and give me all the strength needed to walk to my dreams and climb mountains... because all the love we share, day after day, is so "strong".

To be continued...

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