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Nookilik's, small kennels but big passion.
I fell in love with the Siberian Husky about 15 years ago. The breed seduced me in its entirety, with its beauty, temperament, working abilities...
I am eager to work for the preservation of the breed and all its qualities.

With the aim of producing beautiful and healthy Siberian Huskies, with a wonderful character and the will to run, the selection of my breeding dogs is made with exigence about standard conformation, health tests, temperament and working aptitudes. 

Each litter is the result of long research and careful consideration.

I have few dogs and breed few puppies in order to give them all the time and attention they deserve. I also attach great importance to the awakening and socialization of my puppies, a crucial starting point to make them balanced and happy dogs.


Life style

We are located in a village called Vendays-Montalivet, about 80 km far from Bordeaux, France.
Surrounded by forest and countless trails, not far away from Atlantic ocean and its beautiful beaches, we can as well enjoy the Hourtin lake - the largest natural freshwater lake in France - less than 20 minutes by car.
I feel very lucky to live in a preserved natural environment with my dogs.

They live as a harmonious group all together and their daily life is about playing, running, sunbathing...
We love going on long walks and during the cold season, about from September to April, we also do mushing sports.

I spend all my free time with my dogs and my heart overflows with love for them.
Before being a breeding dog, a show dog or a working dog, each of them is a true friend, a family member, a life companion.

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Edited Falko bike-joering
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Nookilik's puppies born at home and are raised with lots of love and attention.
I attach particular importance to their well-being, awakening and socialization.
Starting with Bio Sensor / ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) program from 3 days to 16 days old, then ensuring the progressive and positive discovery of the environment surrounding them (with manipulations, smells, textures, toys and objects, sounds and music, movement, contacts with humans and other dogs, car, first trainings...). 

I'm looking for the best homes for my puppies and study carefully potential new owners inquiries.
Each request is followed by a certain number of questions aimed at ensuring that your profile, your way of life and your motivation are in line with the adoption of a puppy - and dog to be - and all its needs.

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